Blockchain-Based Mobility e-Commerce Exchange
A specialized exchange that combines blockchain and mobility to create an ecosystem
where mobility-related products and services can be trade with cryptocurrency.
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Key Currency- VES
IEO and mobility services can be purchased with VES in the market where it is used as the key currency.
Specialized in Moility
Helps potential mobility projects to grow and implements blockchain-based business models.
AUTOSDAQ Membership
As the first crypto exchange that utilizes the membership system, AUTOSDAQ offers differentiated benefits for our members.
Strengths of AUTOSDAQ
Mobility Service
With the ability to purchase mobility services with cryptocurrency, we implement an environment where cryptocurrency can be used as a payment method in real life.
Membership Service
First crypto exchange that utilizes membership system to offer differentiated benefits for members only.
Transaction Fee Cashback
Transaction fee cashback will be provided depends on the amount of VES deposited in the GEARBOX system, and given based on a criteria.
Quick Deposit and Withdrawal Services
Automatic system that makes deposit and withdrawal services fast and convenient.